About Fit After 50

After playing multiple sports through my life at a reasonable level, as I got older I also started coaching and doing some more formal learning around sports science.
In 2009 I took the qualification as a Personal Trainer (REPS level 3).and within the following months I took on a number of personal private clients and also started coaching the local rugby club.
All the while I was working full time (and commuting), but over the next year I took a Kettlebell course and qualification, an RFU Rugby coaching course (Levels 1 and 2) and continued my own training with Adventure racing and early forays into Triathlon.

I’m one of the weekend warriors - people who continue to devote hours each week to activities and challenges (despite the advancing years), continually balancing family, work, friends and enjoying life.

It gives the opportunity to get out and about, visit different parts of the country (and world) and stay reasonably fit and healthy along the way. I was part of a remote peer group that met on a Triathlon training camp and over the years we have kept in touch, trained and raced together at times and all supported each other in some ways as we have picked different goals each year.

Our challenges have given us specific focus and we then travelled on our own personal journey towards it, but knowing the group was there.

As I talk with people and I read more and more about some of the amazing challenges and people out there, I can see that there are many different reasons we set these challenges and they can apply at all levels, and are very personal for each one of us.

  • Just taking part may be enough, the journey to get there is actually the goal itself
  • Fit for life - being able to walk with your grand children, pick them up and hold them
  • Putting yourself through a challenge to raise funds for a cause close to your heart or in memory of a loved on
  • Proving something to yourself - you can do this. Picking an event and finishing.. time irrelevant, but again the journey and the goal is to be able to say "I've done a 5k run, an open water swim, played 18 holes of golf"
  • Competing again - the adrenaline rush, pushing yourself to the limit, battling to be as close to the front as you can be

This led me to thinking that as we age gracefully (or not) it would be great to have support from like minded people and the idea behind the web site came about. In November 2016 I was able to launch the website, with a few articles and other content I had written on the way.

Over the course of the last couple of years I have been lucky that friends have written their journeys for us, and I have also been able to get a couple of new people to write for us as well. I have found that as I talk and socialise with more people and my network has slowly expanded, I discover people and inspiration in more and more places and it takes more and more forms.

Often the greatest challenges are getting started and knowing which path to take and actions to follow. I think my experience across multiple sports and managing teams and individuals at work will help clarify that and give a clear and accountable path. I hope to be able to provide help, support and inspiration to more people through the coaching and also persuade more people to share their remarkable stories with us.

With this in mind, in the next month or so, we will be launching Fit After 50 online coaching.
The coaching will be far more that simply a training plan, but will help you review and organise a life change that covers exercise, nutrition, motivation, habits, accountability and more.

If you'd like to go onto the mailing list for our FREE14 day trial that will be the start, please follow the link here and send me your details: FREE 14 day trial

And finally, I would love it if you would like to help us, contribute and be part of this, so if you;d like to share a review, article or help in any way, please contact us: info@fitafter50.co.uk

Rat Race - Coast to Coast : 105 Miles completed in a day!

C2 C Finish

As for me.. I'll keep going..

The hours of dedication, training runs, core sessions, rides, swims, weights, continue to provide a mix of emotions, feelings, frustrations, highs and lows, aches, pains, personal bests, spectacular blow ups and failures.

But they are never boring... Always reminding me I'm alive, I CAN do this and the challenge I have set will be met head on.

I know I'm unlikely to win, but I'll be at the start, and I'll almost certainly finish and I’m sure there will be new challenges, new ways to keep fit, new races to train for, new experiences to cherish and memories to bank.

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